A Note About Your Free Camp Assessment

Through our relationship with Donald Miller’s Business Made Simple platform, Forcamps is able to offer camp ministries a free assessment of their business operations.  

Before beginning the assessment, it’s important to understand that the tool has been created for a range of organizations, and its terminology can lean toward small businesses.  

Though business language likely feels very familiar to your work, we don’t want you to experience any gaps between the questions being asked and the reality of your operations.
Simply translate the questions as needed into what takes place in your ministry operations.  

Here’s a good example:

“Do your team members clearly know what values they need to uphold
if they are going to work for your small business?”

While most of this question is in line with your ministry efforts, you will simply translate
“small business” to “ministry” or “organization”.  

Other translations may include “products” becoming “programs” or “services”.  You get the idea.  

Regardless of how some of the language might land, the results of this assessment will help you understand any areas of weakness in your operations.  Addressing these areas allows you to lead a camp that is more sustainable and even more impactful.